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VMC Boxer Jig

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Color:Metallic White
Size:1 oz
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VMC Boxer Jig

Metallic White / 1 oz

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Get ready to take your jigging game to heavyweight levels with the VMC Boxer Jig, the champion choice for serious pike anglers. This little powerhouse packs a punch above its weight class, making it a must-have in your tackle box.

Unleash the Power of VMC Boxer Jig in Every Cast

Featuring the classic “boxing glove” head design, the VMC Boxer Jig is your go-to for jigging or swimming swimbaits with precision and power. Designed to dance through water like a champ, its shape is perfect for delivering knockout presentations to those underwater behemoths. Whether you're rigging live bait or your favorite soft plastic, this jig head's 1x strong needle point hook, made of high-carbon steel with a forged shank, ensures your target stays hooked from the hit to the net.

But what's a fighter without its signature look? The VMC Boxer Jig comes equipped with realistic 3D eyes that deceive even the wariest of predators, and a molded-in bait keeper to secure your bait tightly. No more bait slippage or lost opportunities; this jig keeps everything in place, ready for the action.

Designed for the Versatile Angler

Whether you're aiming for inshore glory or dominating umbrella rigs, the VMC Boxer Jig is your secret weapon. Its versatility and robust construction make it ideal for a variety of fishing styles, ensuring that every angler can find their rhythm and land the big ones. So, why settle for a regular jig when you can have a champion in your corner?

Step up your game with the VMC Boxer Jig and bring home the title of ultimate angler. With EZOKO's commitment to passion, expertise, excellence, sharing, and inclusivity, we're here to support your fishing adventures every step of the way. Let the VMC Boxer Jig lead your fight against the giants of the deep and share your victory stories with a community that cheers you on. Ready to jig with the best? The champion's choice awaits.

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Metallic White
1 oz
In Stock: 5+

In Stock: 5+