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Welcome to EZOKO's circle of partnerships, where we unite with leaders in angling, research, and conservation to elevate the fishing experience.

Our collaborations with Muskies Canada Inc., the University of New Brunswick, and Black Jack Fishing Guide are the cornerstone of our efforts to sustain and celebrate the musky and pike fishing best practices. Explore our shared endeavors that enhance tournaments, advance scientific studies, and offer exceptional fishing expeditions. Together, we cast towards a future rich in sharing, passion and mindful of conservation.

Photography of Baby musky on the palm angler's hand - Muskie Canada logo embedded

Muskies Canada inc.

Muskies Canada is an esteemed angling club with a broader vision that extends beyond just fishing. They are committed to the preservation and promotion of Muskellunge fishing in Canada, advocating for responsible fishing practices, habitat protection, and public awareness. Their initiatives include various projects and programs aimed at enhancing the Muskellunge fishery and promoting ethical angling. Being part of the Montreal Chapter of Muskies Canada has not only enriched our angling experiences but has also introduced us to our third team member, further solidifying our connection to the local angling community.

Our Collaborative Endeavours:

Our partnership with Muskies Canada is multi-faceted, extending support in various forms:

  • Tournament Sponsorship: We are proud to be one of the main sponsors of Muskies Canada’s Pike and Musky tournaments. The May Pike tournament is particularly notable as it is the largest of its kind in Canada, attracting over 400 anglers annually.
  • Monthly Presentations: During the monthly meetings with Muskies Canada, we provide insightful presentations on various topics, sharing our expertise and experiences with the community.
  • Logistical Support: We offer logistical support for various Muskies Canada events, such as the annual "Children’s Day," where over 100 children get the chance to experience fishing for the first time.

Shared Goals for a Sustainable Fishery:

Our mutual goals center around enhancing and protecting the Muskellunge fishery in Canada. Through research projects, habitat protection initiatives, and public education, we aim to foster a sustainable fishing culture that future generations can enjoy.

Muskies Canada's dedication towards water pollution abatement and promotion of ethical angling resonates strongly with our values. Their projects like Radio Telemetry on Ontario rivers, Identification Sign projects, and spawning habitat protection initiatives are just a few examples of their active involvement in promoting a better Muskellunge fishery.

For more information about Muskies Canada’s projects or to learn more about our partnership, feel free to contact one of our National Executive Directors or a local Chapter Chairman. Together with Muskies Canada, we at EZOKO, continue to strive for a thriving, inclusive, and responsible Pike and Musky angling community.

University of New Brunswick

At EZOKO, partnerships go beyond mere transactions. They represent our unwavering commitment to excellence in the musky and pike fishing world. That's why we're ecstatic to join hands with C. Ryan Hill, a PhD Candidate at the Dept of Biology of University of New Brunswick, and the esteemed Canadian Rivers Institute. This collaborative venture is also co-sponsored by our partner Muskies Canada Inc.

  1. Impact of Hydropower Activities: This first study aims to comprehend how hydropower activities affect musky behavior. It delves deep into the environmental changes, such as water flow and temperature, that influence our finned friends.
  2. Fingerprinting Muskie with Image Recognition: The second study is revolutionary, utilizing cutting-edge image recognition technology to individually identify muskies. This method offers an efficient way to monitor fish populations and opens up new avenues for ecological understanding.

We're actively contributing to this pioneering research by providing top-notch baitcast and fly fishing tackle which are required to capture, tag and photoshhot muskies.. It's not just about the here and now; it's about setting the course for a sustainable and exhilarating future in musky and pike fishing.

By aligning ourselves with research and academic institutions, we're not just selling gear; we're investing in the future of the sport and the species. So, the next time you cast a line with our gear, know that you're part of a larger community that's committed to excellence, sustainability, and, of course, the thrill of the catch.

Black Jack Fishing Guide: The Ultimate Esox Adventure

When it comes to fishing guides, we thought we'd seen it all—until we discovered Black Jack Fishing Guide. Nestled on the majestic Great Slave Lake in YellowKnife, Northwest Territories, Canada, this outfitter took us on a five-day esox extravaganza where 40" pikes were just the opening act!

Why We're Hooked

The guide team at Black Jack isn't just good; they're the cream of the crop. Highly professional and committed to safety, they navigated us through this immense wilderness with expertise. They not only know where to find the fish but also how to follow their migration patterns throughout the seasons. They introduced us to sight-fishing pike bays that are arguably the best in North America.

But it's not just about the fish; it's about the whole experience. Imagine casting your line from a high-end cabin located on an island in the middle of the lake. Now that's what we call fishing in style!

Conservation First

What really sealed the deal for us was their commitment to fish conservation. Fishing with barbless hooks and limiting to one treble per bait ensures minimal damage to the fish. It's a responsible approach that aligns perfectly with our own values.

Exclusive Offer for EZOKO Anglers

We hit it off so well with Matt, the owner, that that we're offering a $50 EZOKO gift card to every angler who reserves an expedition with them. No strings attached, no hoops to jump through. It's our way of thanking you for choosing an outfitter that meets our high standards of excellence and conservation.. And that's not all; we're also your go-to place for all Black Jack Fishing Guide apparel and merchandise.

Why You Should Cast Your Line with Black Jack

Don't just take our word for it. Black Jack Fishing Guide offers "an expedition that blends thrilling exploration with the beauty of the Northern, Sub-Arctic wilderness." Specializing in Northern Pike fishing, they aim to provide a fishing experience that surpasses all expectations.

And here's the kicker: the clear and cold water conditions allow for high-quality sight fishing, maximizing your chances for that trophy catch all season long.

So, if you're an esox enthusiast like us, trust us—you'll want to add a trip with Black Jack Fishing Guide to your bucket list. It's not just a fishing trip; it's an experience that every passionate angler should have at least once in their lifetime.