View of Hooks VMC 7237 inline Single 1X available at EZOKO Pike and Musky Shop
View of Hooks VMC 7237 inline Single 1X available at EZOKO Pike and Musky Shop


VMC 7237 inline Single 1X

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VMC 7237 inline Single 1X


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Anglers, it's time to elevate your game with the VMC 7237 inline Single 1X, a hook that's been meticulously engineered for the serious Pike and Musky hunter. This isn't just any hook; this is your secret weapon forged from the depths of VMC's innovation labs, designed to give you an edge in both freshwater and saltwater arenas.

Unleash the Power of VMC 7237 inline Single 1X

When it comes to replacing trebles on your lures, precision matters. The VMC 7237 inline Single 1X hooks are crafted with passion and expertise, ensuring that every strike leads to a story-worthy catch. These hooks boast the revolutionary COASTAL BLACK™ series technology, offering unparalleled corrosion resistance. The ultra-thin black finish is not just sleek; it's a shield against the relentless saltwater environment.

The magic doesn't stop there – each hook point is honed through a multi-step chemical sharpening process, resulting in deadly precision that even the wiliest of Muskies can't escape. Whether you're casting into the abyss of great lakes or navigating brackish backwaters, these hooks maintain their integrity and sharpness, outlasting any other black finish in the market.

Tailored Sizes for Trophy Catches

Selecting the right size hook is crucial for landing that trophy fish. With VMC, you have options tailored to your needs:

  • #1/0: A pack of 8, perfect for finesse presentations where subtlety is key.
  • #2/0: A pack of 6, ideal for those mid-sized lures in your arsenal.
  • #3/0: A pack of 5, when you need a bit more bite for those aggressive predators.
  • #4/0: Also a pack of 5, built for anglers who dare to target the monsters lurking below.

No matter what size you choose, rest assured that each VMC 7237 inline Single 1X hook is ready to stand up to the challenge. So go ahead, make that cast – we've got your back with hooks that redefine durability and performance. Because here at EZOKO, we believe every cast should count towards greatness!

Note: While originally developed for saltwater adversaries, these hooks have proven themselves as formidable allies in freshwater pursuits as well – making them versatile additions to any Pike & Musky angler's tackle box.

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