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Simms ExStream® Neoprene Glove

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Simms ExStream® Neoprene Glove

M / Black

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When the mercury plummets and the sky unleashes its chilly torrents, only the most dedicated anglers dare to cast their lines. For those intrepid souls, we present the Simms ExStream® Neoprene Glove, a fortress against frigid foes that ensures your hands remain your most reliable asset in pursuit of trophy pike and musky.

Conquer the Cold with Simms ExStream® Neoprene Gloves

Designed by Simms, a brand synonymous with excellence and durability in angling apparel, these gloves are meticulously crafted for those who refuse to let weather dictate their passion for fishing. The seamless 4-way stretch neoprene construction offers an unparalleled blend of flexibility and protection, allowing you to perform intricate tasks without sacrificing comfort or warmth.

The stitchless design of these gloves isn't just about sleek looks; it's a watertight promise to keep your hands dry as you delve into equipment for musky fishing. With every cast and retrieve, appreciate the non-slip silicone print on the palm that enhances grip even when nature tests your resolve with icy sprays and slippery conditions.

Dexterity Meets Durability: Your Ultimate Fishing Companion

The fabric tech specs speak volumes: 3mm neoprene cloaks your hands in a thermal embrace while maintaining enough sensitivity to feel the subtlest nibble. And when it comes down to battling that monster catch, trust in the silicone palm overlay to provide steadfast control over your rod and reel.

Incorporating these ExStream® Neoprene Gloves into your arsenal is more than a choice—it's an investment in countless successful cold-weather expeditions. Whether you're breaking ice at dawn or reeling under a snow-laden sky, don't just endure; dominate with Simms' commitment to keeping you warm, focused, and ready for action.

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