Red October Tube Shallow-Mid Rigs 10" Mid-depth Rigs
Red October Tube Shallow-Mid Rigs 7.5" Shallow Rigs
View of Rigs Red October Tube Shallow-Mid Rigs 10" Hybrid mid-shallow available at EZOKO Pike and Musky Shop

Red October Baits

Red October Tube Rigs

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Tube size:10"
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Red October Tube Rigs

10" / Shallow

EZOKO Pike & Musky shop

Pickup available, usually ready in 4 hours

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These Red October shallow and mid-depth rigs are the backbone required to make the un-rigged tubes dance and attract huge pikes and muskies.

The shallow rig makes the bait running efficiently at a depth of 1' to 3' with a slow to moderate retrieve. Perfect for shallow weed cover!
The mid-depth rig is designed to run the tube at a depth of 4' to 8' with a moderate to fast retrieve. Perfect for sparse cover and open water!
The Hybrid mid-shallow has a glider style action with a front pull point like the shallow rig, but has heavier weights on the wire frame so you can fish it 6 to 10' down. There are 2 large balls of lead, rather than the semi sphere and small ball on the current shallow rig.

Select the good size (7.5" or 10") depending on your un-rigged tubes size.

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