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RAM Universal Composite Fish Finder Mount - Medium

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When it comes to securing your prized marine electronics, the RAM Universal Composite Fish Finder Mount - Medium is the steadfast companion every serious angler needs. This robust mount is designed to withstand the rigors of both calm and turbulent waters, ensuring that your fish finder or GPS stays in place no matter how choppy the lake gets.

The Ultimate Support for Your Marine Tech

RAM-Mount’s medium-sized marvel features a versatile 2” x 1.7” square base with a universal AMPS hole pattern, ready to embrace a wide array of devices. The standard length double socket arm offers adjustability and secure positioning, while the 6.25” x 2” rectangle base provides a sturdy platform with multiple pre-drilled holes to accommodate marine GPS units, CB radios, Ham radios, gimbal brackets, and more.

Durable Design Meets Versatile Functionality

The RAP-111U, part of this reliable mount system, boasts a socket-to-socket length of 4.66 inches—ample space for optimal device placement. With its high-strength composite material construction, this mount promises longevity and resilience against environmental stressors.

Unique Arm Construction

This is the version with an arm made of high-strength composite material, not the regular sturdy marine aluminum found on the “RAM Universal Fish Finder Mount - C size Long.” The composite arm ensures lightweight durability and excellent performance under various conditions.

The cleverly designed top plate measures 6.25” x 2”, paired with a bottom plate sizing up at 2” x 2.25”. It accommodates C Size (1.5”) balls capable of supporting standard use equipment up to 4 lbs and heavy-duty gear up to 3 lbs—perfect for most fish finder mounts on today’s market.

Packaged neatly in a poly bag with an overall weight of just under one pound (0.95 lb), installation is straightforward and hassle-free. While the included plate offers universal mounting options, additional drilling may be required for some electronic devices to ensure a perfect fit—a small step towards creating your ultimate fishing command center.

In summary, whether you’re tracking down elusive muskies or casting for pike in hidden coves, the RAM Universal Composite Fish Finder Mount - Medium stands as an essential tool in your angling arsenal—because when you’re out there on the water, it’s not just about fishing; it’s about conquering the aquatic world with precision and confidence.

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RAM Universal Composite Fish Finder Mount - Medium
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