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PowerPro Braid

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Strength:80 lbs
Length:300 Yds
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PowerPro Braid

80 lbs / 300 Yds

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When the pursuit of that trophy pike or musky is on the line, you need a partner in your reel that stands up to the challenge. Enter the PowerPro Braid, a fishing line engineered for those who breathe esox angling. This isn't just any braid; it's a testament to what happens when strength meets finesse.

Unleash the Power of PowerPro Braid on Your Next Expedition

Crafted from ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber and perfected with Enhanced Body Technology, PowerPro Braid offers an unmatched combination of durability and sensitivity. The result? A line so round, smooth, and responsive, you'll feel every twitch and turn of your lure underwater. It's not just about power—it's about connecting with the water in ways you've never experienced before.

The low-stretch design means you're in control with every cast and retrieve. Whether you're jigging through weeds or trolling open waters, this "musky braid" ensures your technique is translated directly to your bait—and ultimately to that monster fish at the end of your line.

PowerPro Braid: The Musky Hunter's Choice for Precision Casting

This workhorse doesn't shy away from heavy cover or abrasive structures where big predators lurk. With PowerPro Braid, snags reduce and confidence increases as you cast into spots where others hesitate. And when it comes to setting hooks, its low stretch gives you the upper hand for solid hooksets time after time.

Fish with assurance knowing that no matter what conditions Mother Nature throws at you—be it wind knots or rain—the performance of PowerPro Braid remains steadfast. For serious anglers targeting formidable pike and musky, this braid isn't just a choice; it's an essential ally in your quest for the ultimate catch.

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80 300 0.017 4 $59.99
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65 150 0.016 4 $29.99
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100 150 0.018 4 $38.99
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20 150 0.009 4 $24.99
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100 300 0.018 4 $64.99
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50 150 0.014 4 $24.99
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80 150 0.017 4 $34.99
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30 150 0.011 4 $24.99
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