Front view of Power-pole charge - premium battery charger
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View of batteries_chargers Power-Pole Charge Batteries charger available at EZOKO Pike and Musky Shop
View of batteries_chargers Power-Pole Charge Batteries charger available at EZOKO Pike and Musky Shop
View of batteries_chargers Power-Pole Charge Batteries charger available at EZOKO Pike and Musky Shop


Power-Pole Charge Batteries charger

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Power-Pole Charge Batteries charger

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As a serious musky and pike angler, you know that time on the water is precious. Don't let battery issues cut your trip short! Introducing the Power-Pole Charge, the ultimate onboard power station designed to keep you casting longer with peace of mind.

Unleash the Power of Power-Pole Charge: Your Onboard Power Guardian

Imagine never having to worry about your boat's power again. With the Power-Pole Charge, you're equipped with more than just a charger; it's an all-in-one marine power management system. This innovative device combines the capabilities of a traditional battery charger, an on-the-fly charging system, and an emergency start feature into one seamless unit. It's time to focus on landing that trophy fish without fretting over your batteries' endurance.

  • Dynamically allocates power between cranking and trolling batteries for optimal use.
  • Keep tabs on your battery life with real-time monitoring through your smartphone or compatible Lowrance devices.
  • Maintain Peak Battery Health: The intelligent float mode in the Power-Pole Charge ensures your batteries are always ready for action. When docked, it maintains full charge without risking overcharge, preserving battery health and longevity so they're primed for your next big catch.
  • Garners continuous charging from the alternator while you navigate waters teeming with potential record-breakers.
  • Fully compatible with various battery types including lead acid, AGM, GEL, lithium, or TPPL ensuring versatility for any angling setup.
  • Critical Emergency Power Transfer: Don't let unexpected power loss ruin your day. The Power-Pole Charge's emergency transfer capability means you'll always have a backup plan to keep you fishing even when one battery fails or if accessories drain power unexpectedly.

The Ultimate Onboard Lithium Charger for Endless Angling Excursions

The robust 500-watt output of the Power-Pole Charge delivers up to 40 amps to your cranking battery and 25 amps to trolling batteries. It supports a wide array of battery types ensuring no matter what setup you run, this charger has got you covered. Harnessing the C-Monster app technology allows real-time tracking and management of your power resources while maintaining a compact footprint aboard your vessel.

Simplify installation with minimal tools required – just four screws and straightforward wiring that integrates seamlessly into existing systems. Prioritizing safety above all else, it features built-in heatsinks, temperature sensors, and IP65 waterproof construction – making the Power-Pole Charge not only smart but also incredibly durable against harsh marine environments.

Whether prepping for tournaments or indulging in leisurely pursuits of monster pike and musky, trust in the reliability of the Power-Pole Charge. It’s more than just an accessory; it’s a necessity for anglers who demand excellence in every aspect of their sport.

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Power-Pole Charge Batteries charger
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