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Mend-it Glue

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Mend-it Glue

1/2 oz

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As a dedicated angler, you know the heartbreak of a torn swimbait right when the pike and musky are biting. But with Mend-it Glue, those days of frustration are over. This innovative product is not just any adhesive; it's a game-changer in soft plastic repair.

Discover the Magic of Mend-it Glue

Imagine being able to extend the life of your favorite lures indefinitely. That's exactly what Mend-it Glue offers. Crafted for durability and longevity, this glue comes in robust glass bottles designed to outlast any fishing expedition. Say goodbye to evaporation worries and hello to an impressive shelf life that exceeds 3 years—ensuring that Mend-it is ready whenever you need it.

The precision brush built into every bottle allows you to apply just the right amount of glue for seamless swimbait repair. Whether it's a minor nick or a major tear, Mend-it works its magic without leaving any residue or compromising the bait's action in water. With each 1 ounce bottle capable of mending approximately 400 baits, and the half-ounce option about 200, your tackle box will never run out of working lures again.

Mend-it Glue: The Essential Tool for Every Serious Angler

No more tossing away partially used soft plastics after an aggressive strike. With Mend-it Glile, you can quickly fix them up and get back to casting for that trophy catch. It’s not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, reducing waste one bait at a time.

Whether you're prepping for a tournament or just enjoying a day on the water chasing giants, having Mend-it in your arsenal means your best swimbaits will always be battle-ready. So why wait? Make sure your next cast includes a lure brought back to life by the unparalleled power of Mend-it Glue. Your passion for pike and musky fishing deserves nothing less than excellence—and that’s precisely what Mend-it delivers.

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