Mad Chasse Mad'Nana Bucktails

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Mad Chasse Mad'Nana Bucktail

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Mad Chasse Mad'Nana Bucktail

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Hey there, musky hunters! Introducing the Mad Chasse Mad'Nana, the lure that's peeling back layers of excitement in the world of esox angling. This isn't just any run-of-the-mill bait; it's a game-changer designed to tempt even the most discerning pike and musky. With its unique banana-shaped profile and tantalizing action, this lure is ripe for your tackle box!

Tackle Your Next Trophy with Mad Chasse Mad'Nana

The Mad Chasse Mad'Nana is engineered to drive big predators bananas! Its innovative design combines humor with functionality, making it an essential addition for serious anglers who know that sometimes, you've got to be a little nutty to land a monster.

  • Length & Weight: At 10 inches and weighing in at 5 ounces, this spinnerbait casts like a dream and swims with an irresistible roll.
  • Enticing Action: The rubbery "banana peel" skirt flutters seductively on retrieval – just what those elusive muskies can't resist.
  • Proven Components: Built from high-quality materials synonymous with Mad Chasse, ensuring each cast withstands the fury of freshwater giants.
  • Vibrant Vibration: A powder-coated yellow #9 blade spins flawlessly through water columns, sending out vibrations that mimic distressed prey.
  • Unyielding Strength: Featuring robust 0.062" stainless steel shafts paired with Wolverine split rings for unmatched durability during battle.
  • Hook Power:Furnished with formidable #8/0 tail and 5/0 belly Mustad treble hooks (3551) - hooksets have never been so surefire!
  • Laser Precision Detailing:A laser-engraved body adds another layer of realism that savvy muskies find irresistible.

Lure Specifications:
Lure Weight: 5 oz
Lure Length: 10 in

Crafted not only as a conversation starter but also as one of your most reliable 'musky bucktails', the MAD CHASSE MAD'NANA's whimsical appearance belies its lethal effectiveness. It’s time to add some fun—and fish—to your day out on the water!

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