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Huskie muskie

Huskie Muskie Leaders Stainless Steel Leader

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Length:12 in
Strength :180 lbs
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Huskie Muskie Leaders Stainless Steel Leader

12 in / 180 lbs

EZOKO Pike & Musky shop

Pickup available, usually ready in 4 hours

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Dive into the nitty-gritty of musky hunting with the unmatched strength of Huskie Muskie Leaders Stainless Steel Leader. Crafted from premium Malin stainless wire, these leaders stand out in the tackle box with their resilience and precision-cut quality. Say goodbye to the stresses of straightening and weakening our jerk bait leaders are cut directly from the factory to ensure maximum potency.

Revolutionizing your glide bait experience, our 2012 innovation features a swivel-free design, minimizing weed fouling, and promoting seamless movement. Simply tie your line to our 180 lb single strand stainless steel wire and attach each lure with its own split ring for optimal safety and durability.

With #5 Stringease Stay-lok Snaps and 143 lb ball bearing swivels, every cast you make is primed for success the perfect sidekick for that heart-racing "walk the dog" action. Plus, we’ve meticulously shrink-wrapped our wire wraps and snaps, ensuring your leader aligns flawlessly for those enticing side-to-side motions. Get ready to dominate the waters with Huskie Muskie Leaders – where every detail is engineered for the thrill of the chase.


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12 in
180 lbs
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