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Humminbird AutoChart PRO PC North America

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Humminbird AutoChart PRO PC North America

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Unlock the full potential of your fishing expeditions with the Humminbird AutoChart PRO PC North America, a cutting-edge tool designed to elevate your angling game. This advanced software package is not just an ordinary mapping solution; it's a treasure map leading you straight to the aquatic gold - those elusive Pike and Musky.

Discover Subaquatic Secrets with Humminbird AutoChart PRO PC North America

Dive into a world where precision meets innovation, as this exclusive version of AutoChart PRO brings you features like Bottom Hardness Indication and Side Imaging Mosaic. Imagine being able to pinpoint the exact spots where fish love to hide, thanks to the detailed bottom composition maps that reveal the hardest areas – prime real estate for trophy catches. And with Side Imaging Mosaic, merge your sonar snapshots onto your custom charts for an unparalleled 3D view of what lies beneath.

The magic begins when you insert a blank SD card into your Humminbird device and let it record the secrets held by the waters. Bring these recordings ashore and watch them transform into bespoke lake maps through the AutoChart PC program. Then, simply export your creation back onto the included Zero Lines Map Card, ready for action on any compatible Humminbird fish finder.

Map Mastery at Your Fingertips

Your quest for mastery over marine terrain is supported by features such as Depth Highlight, Water Level Offset, Shallow Water Highlight, along with seamless importing and exporting of waypoints. The i-Pilot Link functionality syncs perfectly with Minn Kota® trolling motors, allowing you to navigate contours hands-free while focusing on landing that monster Pike or Musky.

The journey starts with the Zero Line card – preloaded with shorelines for millions of water bodies across North America (excluding Alaska). It's your canvas to chart unexplored territories or refine existing maps with aerial imagery within AutoChart PRO PC software.

Coverage is extensive: in the U.S., explore over 140,000 named and more than 1.75 million unnamed water bodies; in Canada, navigate over 96,000 named and upwards of 3.85 million unnamed waters. Plus, if you're eager to get started without waiting for delivery, opt for the digital-only version available today!

To ensure smooth sailing, make sure your system meets minimum requirements including Windows XP (sp3) or higher and at least 512 MB RAM (1024 MB recommended). A DVD-ROM Drive is necessary unless opting for digital download.

Note: Compatibility spans across select APEX, SOLIX, HELIX, ONIX, ION series models among others but check regularly as updates may occur without notice.

Included is a robust 32 GB SD card providing ample space for all your custom cartographic creations – essential for displaying detailed zero line base maps in AutoChart PRO PC. Keep in mind that some Humminbird units might need a software update to harness these powerful tools fully.

With every purchase comes peace of mind through our 30-Day Cartography Warranty because we believe in delivering excellence alongside our products. So gear up with Humminbird AutoChart PRO PC North America, where technology meets tradition in pursuit of fishing perfection!

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Humminbird AutoChart PRO PC North America
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