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CWC Stinger Spike

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CWC Stinger Spike


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When it comes to rigging your softbaits for that monster pike or musky, precision and durability are key. Enter the CWC Stinger Spike, a game-changer for serious esox anglers who demand the best from their gear. This innovative solution ensures your stinger rigs are mounted securely, providing an unmatched level of freedom for your hooks and enhancing hook-set efficiency.

Unleash the Power of the CWC Stinger Spike

Designed by seasoned pros at CWC, this stinger spike is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It's not just about keeping your treble hook poised for action; it's about giving you that extra edge when you're in pursuit of trophy fish. With the CWC Stinger Spike, you'll experience fewer missed opportunities due to its clever design that allows the treble hook to move freely without compromising on grip.

The pack includes 10 robust spikes, ensuring you have enough firepower for multiple expeditions. Whether you choose the 15 mm size for smaller presentations or the 30 mm version for larger baits, these spikes integrate seamlessly into any pike & musky rig setup.

Optimize Your Pike & Musky Rigs with Precision

Anglers know that success lies in the details, and with the CWC Stinger Spike, those details are covered. The versatility offered by two different lengths caters to a variety of softbait sizes and fishing conditions. So whether you're casting into weedy hideouts or deep-water haunts, trust in these stinger spikes to hold firm where others falter.

Don't let subpar rigging be the weak link between you and your next big catch. Upgrade to the CWC Stinger Spike and feel confident that when a giant strikes, your gear will rise to the occasion—every time.

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