Cortland Master Braid Braids
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Cortland Master Braid

Sale price$25.99 CAD
Strength:20 lb
Length:150 Yds
In stock
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Cortland Master Braid

20 lb / 150 Yds / Bronze

EZOKO Pike & Musky shop

Pickup available, usually ready in 4 hours

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When it comes to musky and pike fishing, the line you choose can mean the difference between a trophy catch and a fish story about the one that got away. That's why serious anglers turn to Cortland Master Braid, renowned for its unwavering performance in both freshwater and saltwater battles.

Experience Unmatched Strength with Cortland Master Braid

With Cortland Master Braid, there's no need for a tedious break-in period. From your very first cast, this super braid delivers consistent strength, minimal stretch, and exceptional handling. Its robust body maintains color fidelity and resists wear, ensuring that your line remains invisible to those cunning predators below the surface.

The Ultimate Musky Braid for Passionate Anglers

Whether you're casting into dense cover or trolling deep waters, Cortland Master Braid stands up to the challenge. It's engineered for sensitivity, allowing you to feel every nibble and tug. Plus, its smooth texture lets you slice through vegetation like a hot knife through butter – perfect when pursuing those elusive giants. As an added bonus, this "musky braid" is revered as one of the best-kept secrets among esox enthusiasts.

Incorporating Cortland Master Braid into your arsenal means equipping yourself with excellence. You'll be joining a community of dedicated anglers who demand nothing but the best from their gear. So go ahead, tie on that lure with confidence and prepare for an epic battle – because with Cortland's masterpiece beneath your fingertips, you're not just fishing; you're mastering the art of musky and pike angling.

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Break Strength (Lb) Length (yds) Diameter (in.) Braid Strand Price Stock Add to cart button
20 150 0.01 4 $25.99
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30 150 0.012 4 $25.99
In Stock: 3+
40 150 0.013 4 $25.99
In Stock: 3+
50 150 0.014 6 $29.99
In Stock: 3+
65 150 0.016 6 $29.99
In Stock: 3+
65 300 0.016 6 $53.99
In Stock: 3+
80 150 0.02 8 $35.99
In Stock: 3+
80 300 0.02 8 $66.99
In Stock: 3+
100 200 0.023 12 $66.99
In Stock: 3+
130 200 0.026 12 $79.99
In Stock: 3+