BFT Lizzard X Baitcast Rods
BFT Lizzard X Baitcast Rods
BFT Lizzard X Baitcast Rods
BFT Lizzard X Baitcast Rods
BFT Lizzard X Baitcast Rods
BFT Lizzard X Baitcast Rods


BFT Lizzard X Baitcast Rods

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BFT Lizzard X Baitcast Rods

LXT86-2 / XH / 8'6"

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When the pursuit of trophy pike and musky is more than just a hobby, it's a passion that courses through your veins, you need gear that stands up to the challenge. Enter the BFT Lizzard X, a baitcast rod series designed for those who demand excellence in their angling arsenal. Crafted with precision and care, each rod in this series is a testament to the relentless pursuit of pike fishing perfection.

Experience Unmatched Performance with BFT Lizzard X

The BFT Lizzard X baitcast rods are engineered to redefine your pike fishing experience. These rods blend power and finesse, giving you the upper hand when battling against the mightiest esox. With American Tackle components and Titanium TI-forged guides, these rods offer unparalleled durability and sensitivity. The lightweight design ensures fatigue-free casting all day long, while its robust construction allows you to exert heavy pressure on those monster pikes without second thoughts.

Each rod in this exclusive collection boasts individual numbering as a hallmark of quality and uniqueness, backed by an impressive 2-year warranty. Designed in collaboration with CWC pro-staff experts, every detail of the BFT Lizzard X has been meticulously crafted for serious anglers like you.

Tailored for Your Technique: Signature Editions

The Lizzard X Stefan Trumstedt 7'10” -130g signature edition is your go-to weapon for launching jerkbaits, softbaits, or spinners with unmatched ease. Optimized for year-round versatility but particularly lethal in spring conditions—this rod will become an extension of your will on the water.

For those who prefer to wield larger lures, the Lizzard X Pierre Monjarett 8'6” -200g signature edition steps up to the plate. This beast-mastering stick excels at handling plus-sized tackle such as Giant Pig Shads and Miuras Mouse without breaking a sweat. Whether tossing a Buster Jerk or threading rubber baits through cover—the 8'6” model delivers distance and accuracy effortlessly.

In conclusion, whether you're finessing subtle presentations or powering through heavy cover, there's a BFT Lizzard X baitcast rod tailored for every aspect of pike fishing mastery. Embrace your passion with gear that speaks volumes about your commitment to excellence—because when it comes to landing legends, only the best will do.

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Pierre Monjarret 2 - 1 1/2-7oz Fast Hourglass 17" - $529.00
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Stefan Trumstedt 2 - 1-4 11/16oz Fast Hourglass 17" - $529.00
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