Barbarian Braid (90 lb) Barbarian 90 Lbs Braids
Barbarian Braid (90 lb) Barbarian 90 Lbs Braids
Barbarian Braid (90 lb) Barbarian 90 Lbs Braids

Barbarian Braid

Barbarian Braid Original

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Strength:90 Lbs
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Barbarian Braid Original

90 Lbs

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When it comes to musky fishing, every cast counts and the line you choose can make or break that trophy catch. Enter the Barbarian Braid Original, a masterclass in durability and performance. Conceived by the legendary Rex St-Pierre, this braid is not just another line; it's an essential ally in your quest for the elusive esox.

Unleash the Power of Barbarian Braid Original

The grey hue of this 90 lb powerhouse belies its true nature as an unyielding force against the rigors of heavy cover and toothy adversaries. With eight meticulously woven strands, each cast delivers confidence knowing that your line has been "Torture Tested" by some of the most demanding Trophy Anglers out there.

Years of research and development have culminated in a musky braid that stands alone at the pinnacle of resilience. The use of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers ensures a tensile strength that rivals steel, while maintaining low stretch for immediate hook sets. This isn't just any musky braid; it's a testament to what happens when passion meets innovation.

Experience Excellence with Every Cast

The Barbarian Braid Original's per inch crosses are engineered for minimal break-in time, granting you optimal flexibility from the get-go. The tactile sensation transmitted through this line provides an intimate connection between angler and lure, ensuring no strike goes unnoticed.

In a world where precision matters, trust in a brand that embodies excellence. Whether you're jigging through weeds or trolling open waters, let the Barbarian Braid be your weapon of choice – because when it comes to landing monsters, only the best will do.


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